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  • how can I become a muse?
    all muses believe the same as what we believe, and we want to build a community of sustainable merchants and conscious consumers, one step at a time, by advocate slowe related content. if you are as committed, we love to talk to you. to start, please share your IG or blog, and maybe a little bit about yourself via; we will chase you down.
  • what about my data privacy?
    at slowe, privacy matters. we want to create a solution that our friends and families are comfortable using. we are not the believers in selling your privacy for profit. unfortunately, when talking about privacy, it becomes complicated, and we cannot avoid lengthy legal documents. you can find the links to the documents. if you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to ask us at privacy policy - terms & conditions - disclaimer -
  • I cannot install the slowe app on iOS14.
    first of all, thanks for your patience and for not giving up; most people don't. if you are using iOS14, we encounter an issue where the newly installed app won't show up. in this case, you can go to Settings > Home Screen, then check "Add to Home Screen". the app should appear now. we hope this issue will be resolved by Apple soon.
  • I want to list my business on slowe.
    we are working on an automated process to allow businesses like yours to apply online. for the time being, please drop us a simple email to, telling us a little bit of your business; our community managers will contact you shortly.
  • how to remove all my data from slowe?
    everything that has a beginning has an ending. we carefully planned for that. in the slowe app, go to settings > general, there is a link "delete my account". after accepting the confirmation, your account and related data will be deleted from the system. by the way, we didn't store any of your personal information. slowe do not believe in selling our friends personal data for profit. anyway, we will miss you.
  • why is slowe in small-cap?
    we guess someone curious like you might want to know why the slowe brand is all in small-cap. we are glad that you want to know. our target audiences are everyday people like you and small businesses in the neighbourhood who are aware of the need for a change for the better. we want to, by having the small-caps in our brand, give you guys to feel slowe as more approachable with a casual vibe in order to allow you guys to feel more comfortable to connect. some brands that need to assert a strong, large, or heavy in market often go with bolded brand names and brand names in fully uppercase logos. slowe is not them.
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