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KaTuKaTu was born in Hong Kong in 2009, and the name was taken from the "KATU KATU" sound that Mommy issued for the amused baby. "Let children grow up happily and healthily" is the wish of the founder of the brand, Ms. Shirley Yip. She has been engaged in the maternal and child industry for more than ten years. She knows the importance of personal clothing for the healthy development of baby, but suffers from the lack of market demand, and has personally invested in development and design. After repeated experiments, Ms. Shirley Yip found that 100% natural, non-polluting, non-toxic and harmful organic cotton from planting, production and even the process is the most suitable material for intimate contact with baby young skin every day. The best quality natural organic cotton is made into fabrics. It is hand-tailored from baby's first underwear, abandoning the fancy that is not related to function, avoiding too bright colors, using British minimalist design suitable for baby growth and development. Since the launch of many maternal and child stores in Hong Kong, they have been well received by parents and have been selling well. In 2017, with the addition of professional designer YAO team, KaTuKaTu entered the stage of brand upgrade, successfully passed the strict baby quality certification of GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), and gradually diversified its product line to cover maternal and child apparel. Small things in life.

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KaTuKaTu 誕生於2009年的香港,名字取自媽咪為逗樂BB發出的“KATU KATU”聲。讓孩子能夠快樂健康成長,也正是品牌創始人Shirley Yip女士的心願。從事母嬰行業十餘年的她,深知貼身衣物對於BB健康發育的重要性,卻苦於市場應需的匱乏,便親身投入了開發設計。 歷經反復實驗,Shirley Yip女士發現,從種植、生產乃至制程中均100%天然無污染,不會產生任何有毒、有害物質的純淨有機棉,是最為適合與BB幼嫩肌膚每天親密接觸的材質。 將最優質的天然有機棉製成面料,從BB的第一件內衣開始手工定製,摒棄與功用無關的花哨,避免過於絢麗的色彩,採用適於嬰兒生長髮育的英式簡約設計,在香港多家母嬰店一經推出,即受到廣大父母的好評,暢銷至今。 2017年,隨著專業設計師YAO團隊的加入,KaTuKaTu進入了品牌昇級階段,順利通過GOTS(全球有機紡織品標準)嚴格的嬰兒級品質認證,並逐漸將產品線多樣化,全面覆蓋母嬰服飾及生活類小物。




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