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As meal planner, we provide premium, tailor-made meal programs and deliver delicious, healthy food to the door. Our professionally-prepared meals are designed by renowned chefs, tested by dietitians, and freshly cooked everyday. Eatology creates gourmet recipes comprised of wholesome, nutrient-dense ingredients with great flavors- just to help you to reach your goal, whether it is losing weight, boosting energy levels or staying healthy. Thanks to our focus on quality, service and value for our clients, we are ranked best in the healthy food delivery service in Hong Kong. Healthy Environment, Healthy Life — As a supporter of long-term environmental sustainability, we ensure all our packaging is biodegradable so that you can enjoy our meals to their fullest. All this because we believe a green, healthy lifestyle is as important as the delicious food you eat. Tailor-made Meals — When everyday life gets busier, it can be difficult to figure out which foods work for your health needs and goals. Instead of worrying what you eat everyday, our team of dieticians created the “Tailor-Made Meals” program to assess your nutritional needs and customize your daily and weekly meals so you can save time and enjoy tasty, healthy food while staying in great shape. Receive a free consultation with our dieticians and nutritionists and enjoy over 100 healthy and personalized gourmet meals, conveniently delivering to you now.

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我們提供高質、美味的營養膳食外送服務。我們的餐單由營養師設計並經過精密計算,再由大廚每天新鮮烹調。EATOLOGY採用一級食材,有機而不含任何激素,讓您一步步邁向健康,輕易達成目標體重。 我們的博客上亦有健康減重專家分享如何減重並且長久保持的方法。 作為環境保護一員,EATOLOGY使用可自然分解的包裝。我們相信除了健康飲食外,環境亦是生活中重要的一環。 健康的環境,健康的生活 — 作為環境可持續的長期支持者,我們確保所有包裝都是可生物降解的,以便您可以充分享用我們的食物。 這些成因都是因為我們相信環保和健康的生活方式與您吃的美味食品同樣重要。 度身定制的餐單 — 當日常生活變得更忙碌時,有時很難清楚知道哪種食物可以滿足您的健康需求和目標。 無需再擔心您每天需要吃什麼,我們的量身定制計劃評估您的營養需求並定制您的每日和每週膳食,以便您節省時間並享受美味而健康的食物,同時保持身體健康。 免費獲得我們的營養師團隊提供的諮詢,並享受100多種健康和特制的美食送到給您享用。





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